Tri-Cities Influencer Podcast

Introducing the… Tri-Cities Influencer Podcast

with Paul Casey

Our Podcast is aimed at the aspiring leaders of Tri-Cities Washington.

Our mission is two-fold:

1. To inspire breakthrough leadership in listeners and their sphere of influence in the Tri-Cities.
2. To showcase leaders who are right now making a difference in their organizations and beyond.

Please join us as we explore what makes the Tri-Cities great, and the people that make it that way.

Podcast Episodes

Latest Podcast

#15 Dr. Rebekah Woods

#14 Tyler Best

#13 Brad Toner

#12 Tami LaDoux

#11 Eric and Laura Hsu

#10 Humor As A Value with Holley Sowards

#9 Overcoming Hardship with Brandon Ritchie

#8 Personal Definitions of Success with Lynn Stedman

#7 The Importance of Family with Luke Hallowell

#6 Emotional Intelligence with Dee Gray

#5 Building Up People First with Todd Halterman

#4 Being An Authentic Leader with Tammy Taylor

#3 Group Vision with Skip Novakovich

#2 Pizza and Vision with Preston House

#1 Farm Girl to United Way President with Loann Ayers

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