In order to protect the positive culture that a leader is trying to create, he/she must have the courage to be like an NFL referee and “throw a penalty flag”, or confront a below-the-line behavior that could erode what he/she is working toward.

  • Shooting down ideas: When wet-blankets smother someone offering up a fragile, creative solution/suggestion, it shuts the team down.
  • Elephants in the room running free: When there is an unresolved issue between team members and the leader lets it fester, tension on the team prevents the free flow of team communication.
  • Missed deadlines: When there is a lack of accountability and people not coming through on time, the vision slows down and results stall.
  • Tardiness: When people don’t show respect for each other’s time, the culture gradually shifts toward starting all meetings late.
  • Indecision: When those tasked with project/team leadership hesitate and don’t pull the trigger on decisions, precious time is wasted or opportunities are missed.
  • Gossip: When there is negativity about team members running amok behind people’s backs, reputations are scarred and relationships crumble.
  • Lashing out: When someone throws caution/restraint to the wind and unloads on a teammate, that relationship may be irreparable for the long haul, and people become guarded around that colleague.
  • Double-standards: When leaders allow inappropriate/unprofessional behavior for some people or in certain situations, but not others, that inconsistency causes distrust and stirs up dissension.

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