Conflict Resolution

Investigating Team Tension and Working Towards a Resolution

Unresolved conflict on your team can waste a lot of your time as a leader and be destructive to team morale—de-railing to the consequences of a lack of employee engagement, discretionary effort, team-building, and vision pursuits. So much emotional energy also gets drained out of you when problems aren’t dealt with between one or more people on your team.  And it’s costing you money, to boot!

Paul will interview each employee on the team for about 45 minutes, to hear each individual out and get their perspective on how the team has ended up in this sticky situation. Then Paul will meet with you (and your core leadership team) to “write a prescription” for team health that may include facilitated three-way conversations, team-building activities, or performance improvement plans.

It usually gets messier before it gets healthier, but if everyone stays committed to the common purpose of team unity, your team can get stronger through this process.

What Are Clients Saying?

My experience working with Paul for more than 4 years has been invaluable, both in my personal development as well as in my leadership in a local, non-profit agency.  Paul has helped me see beyond my narrow perspective into a higher place of clarity.  He has encouraged me to stretch out of my comfort zone, strengthen my capabilities, and see a possible future that I had not previously seen.

Julie McDonald

Director, Lunch Buddies