Team Building Retreats

Does Your Team Need Stronger Vision & Stronger Relationships?

Paul Casey is certified to facilitate a DISC behavioral assessment for teams.

Team Building

Finally, the answer to unifying, inspiring and strengthening your staff!

If you are looking for an on or off-site staff team-building experience, choose Paul. He takes time to get to know you as the leader and the dynamics of your team. He is highly skilled at getting to the heart of the communication skills and values that need reinforcement. Paul works with you to customize a creative and interactive experience that meets your team’s needs and your business objectives.

 Paul’s Team Building workshops can range in length from a couple of hours to half or full-day retreats. A typical team building event includes:

  • Engaging activities geared toward developing personal and group awareness.
  • Insightful assessments that can highlight team or individual characteristics, strengths, and challenges. Paul is certified to facilitate DISC behavioral assessments and Emotional Intelligence assessments for your team. 
  • Practical skills to help people solve problems, communicate more effectively, or work together.
  • Constructive dialogue and determining how the team agrees to honor one another. 

It’s a fact: Team building will only stick if adhered to daily. Because of this, after completing a Team Building workshop, Paul encourages integrating team-leader or core-team coaching into the strategic plan of an organization. With this intentionality, the gains made during the Team Building will stick with the team, and the organization, leading to stronger vision and stronger relationships.

Assessments your team can build on.

A key component to building solid teams is knowing and understanding how each person’s behavioral and emotional tendencies impact them and how it blends with other members of the team. A variety of assessments are used to identify these tendencies including the DISC behavioral assessment and the Emotional Intelligence assessment. Paul is certified to facilitate both assessments for your team and believes tapping into this self-knowledge opens the door for exceptional personal and team growth.

Get Started

Paul made this day a success. He has a real passion for helping others, and this spirit came through during his presentations. Paul is approachable, likable, non-judgmental and able to connect instantly to a large group. I received more compliments from the team about Paul, then any other speaker I had organized in the past. I would recommend Paul to others looking for an opportunity to build their team or solve an issue with their team, large or small.

Deb Dihel, Ph.D.


“I’ve experienced a lot of team-building activities, but the way Paul can assess your individual team’s needs and in real-time steer your group to the goals established with Paul beforehand is what sets him apart. He can facilitate team bonding and create an atmosphere of improvement in a way that we can’t do on our own.” 

Nathan Burt

CPA, Epic Trust