Strategic Planning

Solve Organizational Problems, Get Results, Reach Your Goals, Grow Your Profits

Your people light up and get focused when they know the vision for your organization, and they tend to get confused and drift when they are unclear about the direction. A full-day (or half-day) strategic planning off-site retreat may be just what you need before entering the next year, second half of the year, or next quarter—to gather team input, build relationships, and co-create the priorities for the next season.

Paul will conduct a SWOT analysis with your team and debrief it at the retreat, after facilitating a blue-sky vision activity. Flipcharts will fill with ideas for shoring up weak areas and pursuing opportunities to next-level your organization. Your team will prioritize the list and develop a clear plan that includes a Thematic Goal, three defining objectives, and tactics under each one that will have a champion and deadline for implementation.

What Are Clients Saying?

My experience working with Paul for more than 4 years has been invaluable, both in my personal development as well as in my leadership in a local, non-profit agency.  Paul has helped me see beyond my narrow perspective into a higher place of clarity.  He has encouraged me to stretch out of my comfort zone, strengthen my capabilities, and see a possible future that I had not previously seen.

Julie McDonald

Director, Lunch Buddies