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Ready to Commit to a Better Leadership Future?

For business/non-profit leaders of any profession who are hungry to grow and attack their dream vocational future, who want more out of work life, who want to make a bigger difference in their influence, and doing it within your values, strengths, and passions.

A minimum of a 6-month commitment to explore who you are at your core and to find out what you want out of work–and chart a course of your exciting future. Action plans with accountability will be co-created to process, narrow, and rank your growth ideas/options and catalytic resources to grow you forward.

Rates vary per 55-min session based on payment plan (paying up front or per session) and number of sessions. Don’t let money be the thing stopping you from getting to your goals! Contact Paul for a free 45-minute introductory session. Check with your employer to see if your company pays for coaching as part of your professional development/continuing education.

Sessions can be by phone, or in-person (if in the Tri-Cities, WA, area). The more frequent the sessions, the faster you can get to your brighter tomorrow. Typically, twice-monthly.

What Are Clients Saying?

be more effective in my role as administrator. Paul can relate to people, discern their strengths and areas for growth, and coach them in practical ways to motivate them excel.  He has a passion and gifting for training others.


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