Signature Coaching Program

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Signature Coaching Program: Self-Leadership Strategies: From a Low-Impact Life to a High-Impact Life

Self-Leadership Steps:

  1. Who I am: “Slices of Me”
  2. Where I’m at: “Life snapshots”
  3. Where I want to go: “Dream On”
  4. How to get there: “Making a Map”
  5. What to avoid: “Hazards to Side-step”

I'm Ready to Be Coached!

Step 1: Who I am: “Slices of Me”

  • How to maximize your personality style
  • How to live by your values
  • How to ask for what you need most
  • How to structure your environment for success
  • How to stay in your strength zone

In step 1, through a series of simple self-assessments, you will re-discover what makes you unique so that you can live out the very best version of you, and not live out someone else’s script.  By the end of this step you will be able to identify your personality style, 5 core values, love language, environment to thrive within, strengths, and motivators en route to developing a personal mission statement.

Step 2: Where I’m at: “Life snapshots”

  • Discovering the areas of your self-leadership you are excelling/struggling at
  • Discovering where you specifically are dissatisfied
  • Evaluating what matters most to you

In step 2, you will take an objective evaluation of the many dimensions of your life: physically, spiritually, mentally, financially, socially, and emotionally. This establishes “You are here” as a jumping-off point for where you are feeling lack or want, which are clues for your exciting future.

 Step 3: Where I want to go: “Dream On”

  • Establishing a tangible future destination in each life/work area and your “big why”
  • Deciding on the main goals to get to that destination

In step 3, you begin dreaming again: dreaming about your ideal future, where you, your relationships, and vocation are all lined up in your sweet spot—and you are thriving. You back up that vision for your life by connecting to the reasons that you are headed that direction.

Step 4: How to get there: “Making a Map”

  • Locking in action steps under each goal for the year, month, week, day ahead
  • Customizing new habits to your schedule

In step 4, you bring “the clouds to your calendar.” In a very tangible way, you envision the steps you must take, like a storyboard, to get to your desired future.  You make commitments about the daily changes you will make to realize your goals.

Step 5: What to avoid: “Hazards to Side-step”

  • Determining how to keep your main thing in front of you daily
  • Developing your accountability system
  • Identifying potential pitfalls and getting ahead of them
  • Developing a plan to bounce-back when getting off-track

In step 5, you get real about what might stand in your way from reaching your goals, and set up safety nets for when your foot slips off the gas pedal. You get ahead of hurdles by making a plan in advance, and you identify the people and resources that can assist you in being resolute on your success plan.