Growing Forward Life Coaching

Ready to Commit to a Better Future?

Ready for Paul D. Casey, Life Coach in WA, to support and coach you towards where you want to go in life? Just as professional athletes have personal trainers to help keep them in top shape, many people in Washington and beyond have turned to Paul for guidance and training for their everyday lives. From career advice to empowering others to be the change they’d like to see in the world, Paul has helped numerous people reach their potential and grow.

Do You Stand to Benefit From Life Coaching?

Any of these true for you?

  • I have great dreams or goals and I am ready to pursue them.
  • I need help discovering my uniqueness and purpose in life and work.
  • I am going through a transition and need a guide.
  • I want more out of life than I’m experiencing and feel stuck.
  • I want to make a bigger difference in my job, community, or relationships.

If any of those statements ring true for you, Paul Casey and Growing Forward Services can provide you with the guidance and encouragement to achieve your goals in the best possible ways. Especially if you are the proud owner of a start-up company who’s still learning the ropes, Paul can help you develop the necessary skills and mindset to help you find success in nearly every facet of your life.

Paul’s personable coaching style aims to help supervisors and emerging leaders identify their strengths and passions, and find out what they out of life. With Paul’s support, you will learn to ask the right questions and make the right action plans that will make the most positive impact on your future!


As your life coach, Paul wants to help you GROW:

G      Goals — He will listen to what you want to accomplish in your life.

R      Reality — He will listen for what you are dissatisfied about right now.

     Options — He will help you brainstorm the paths to getting to your desired future.

W     Way forward  He will help you create your preferred action plan to pursue your aspirations with confidence!

Benefits of Growing Forward Services Coaching:

1. You’ll uncover your values and learn how to stay true to yourself.

2. You’ll understand how you are uniquely created to make a difference.

3. You’ll become closer to the best version of you and begin preforming at optimal levels.

4. You’ll move more of your ideas into implementation.

5. You’ll have an objective person in your corner to process your struggles., guide you toward solutions., and help you recognize available resources.

Are life coaching sessions right for you?

WHO: Personal coaching is for adults of any age who are hungry to grow and attain their vision of the future, who want more out of life/, make a difference, and live life aligned with personal values, strengths, and passions.

WHAT: A minimum 6-session commitment to explore who you are at your core, identify the things you want to achieve, and chart a course to your compelling future. Action plans with accountability will be co-created to rediscover your dormant goals and grow you forward.

THE INVESTMENT: Coaching rates vary based on the payment plan (paying upfront saves 15%) or pay at each session. Contact Paul for a free 45-minute introductory strategy consultation.

HOW: High-impact sessions can be done in-person (if in the Tri-Cities, WA, area) or by phone. The more frequent the sessions, the faster you can get to your brighter tomorrow. Typically, Paul meets with clients twice a month.

Click to see a draft life coaching agreement with rates and details: Coaching Agreement

** Contact Paul for corporate leadership coaching rates for your management team!

Book a Coaching Session Today!

For any questions, you may have about our Growing Forward Life Coaching Program, or if you would like to schedule your one-on-one session with Paul, please do not hesitate to give us a call at 1-509-392-1895. You may also send your inquires through the Contact page.

3 Steps to Getting Started on Coaching


Schedule a free 45-minute strategy session with Paul to give coaching a test-run. Prior to your session, he will send you an intake form of questions to see what areas in which you want to grow.


Read the draft coaching agreement, ask any questions before making the commitment, and choose your desired coaching package.


Make your payment and begin Growing Forward in your first session!

Click here for the 12-session, pay-up-front discount package

Thank you Paul D Casey for taking the time to be my cheerleader and for assisting me in a positive direction to accomplish ALL the many things I strive for! Looking forward to another session!