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$70.00 / month

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As a manager, you need:
  •  a safe place outside of work to grow as a leader,
  •  to set goals and be accountable,
  •  to collaborate with other managers for solutions to your work dilemmas. 
  • tools to develop your team

The Manager Mastermind is for you!

 Launching in November once a month for the next 12 months, for 2 hours/mo. from 4-6p.m. in Kennewick, sign up in October for an introductory rate of $70 per month.
You’ll form a cohort with 11 other managers, get group-coached by me, and receive practical tips every week in between meetings for being the best manager you can be.  Your team will thank you!
Hang with people who understand what you go through every day.
​Wanna grow forward–together?​
Click here for flyer: Master Mind Managers



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