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Take advantage of Paul’s admitted OCD for time management and learn from his extensive experience, which very few people possess…If you are wondering if you have enough time to read this book, then you really do need it.

Brad Worthley

Over the last five months Paul has helped me overcome many of my productivity barriers and helped me identify goals that will help me be the very best I can be. The two most significant ways he has helped me are by providing me with organization and time management tools and by being my accountability partner. One of the barriers to my success was my inability to stay focused on my to-do list. Urgent tasks would always take precedent over the important. Working with Paul, I have learned how to plan out my work day so it aligns with my top priorities while also allowing time for urgent or last minute tasks. He also showed me how beneficial it is to plan out my discretionary time so it aligns with my values. I am becoming more focused, effective and productive at work and a much more fulfilled, whole person in life.

Leslie S.

Maximizing Every Minute - Paul Casey
Maximizing Every Minute - Paul Casey

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My hope is that you will glean a few new habits from my suggestions that will revolutionize your productivity, and no longer be a victim of procrastination.

Maximizing Every Minute - Paul Casey