Leading with Super-Vision

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Crafting, Casting, and Carrying a Compelling Vision

Vision determines direction and dictates decisions.

I loved reading this book. Paul does his homework and obviously reads…a lot! His work here is inspirational, relevant and playfully humorous on a topic that is often treated as lofty and hard to grasp. Paul gives us clarity of vision and the steps toward great leadership in a measured approachable way that makes the work of becoming a better leader a lot more fun.
Kathleen Lawrence

Maximizing Every Minute - Paul Casey
Maximizing Every Minute - Paul Casey
Success happens when everyone is focused on the vision ~ Paul Casey. Love this! Paul succinctly and often humorously provides expert insight on the development, dissemination and alignment of team with vision. A timely tune-up as leaders continually need to refocus their focus and that of their team to achieve success.
Michael Novakovich

Every leader needs a clear vision in order to succeed.  Paul’s book presents a clear and simple method for leaders to build and implement a compelling and infectious vision that enables teams to achieve the next level.

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