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Do You Need to Get Out More?

While I am a big proponent of alone-time, in order to make space for self-evaluation and creative breakthroughs, I believe the other side of the coin must also be given ample attention: relationship time. Left to ourselves for too long gets us disproportionately in...

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Stretchin’ Like a Rubber Band

Are you comfortable? I don't mean in the chair in which you are reading this blog. I mean, in life and in your job. The comfortable do not grow, because growth lies outside the comfort zone. You must make ongoing decisions to stretch yourself, like a rubber ban that...

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Who Do You Admire?

"Tell me who you admire, and I will tell you what kind of person you aspire to become." --Sam Keen I like that quote because, like race car drivers, we steer our lives in the direction we are looking. If we have inspirational leaders in our sights, we start leaning...

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Hydroplaning Through Life?

It's a scary feeling when driving in a rainstorm and the car's tires actually leave the pavement briefly due to the puddles of water coming between them: the tire encounters more water than it can scatter. The car lurches for a moment and you very temporarily lose...

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