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Sweep the Sand Off Your Sidewalk

Now that it's winter, I remembered something that happened after winter last spring. I noticed city employees with brooms sweeping the sand off the sidewalks on the steepest hill in my city--sand that had been put there on the iciest day of last winter to prevent...

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Leaders Shift the Focus

When I video my daughter dancing at competitions, I’m locked/loaded on her performance, zooming in on her and often not capturing the team performance as a whole in the picture—nor am I actively listening to my wife or anyone around me at that moment. Focus is...

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No More “Settling-For”

What are you just “living with” that is distracting you from becoming the best version of yourself? About what are you saying, “It is what it is” too often? Sure, some things and other people’s decisions are truly out of your control, but you probably have more...

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