Speaking and Team-Building

Does Your Team Need Inspiration and Communication Tools?

Or does your leadership group need a workshop to grow in a particular skill-set area?fall-2011-068

Paul Casey from Growing Forward Services provides skill-building and motivational kick-starting for teams. Paul delivers practical tips along with inspirational quotes, stories, and engaging discussion starters. Workshop participants can immediately implement these tips for success. His activities and handouts are practical takeaways to share with others in your organization.

Some of Paul’s most requested topics are:

  • Personality Puzzle: How to identify and bring the best out of the four animal personality types on your team
  • Burning Bright Without Burning Out: How to recognize burnout symptoms and proactively defeat them
  • Time Management Made Easy: A time and priority management workshop to maximize productivity
  • Goal-Setting to Greatness: 10 tips for preparing for, setting, and achieving compelling goals that get results, including a goal writing practice session
  • You Can Be a Change Agent: how to best incorporate organizational change initiatives that create the most buy-in
  • Nurturing Your Creativity: the best ways to boost an innovation mindset in you and your team
  • Conflict Resolution from Through Talks with Team Members: how conflict can be a good thing, why confrontation is necessary, and how to resolve conflict even in the most challenging situations
  • Top Traits of Terrific Team Leaders: 11 leadership habits for prioritizing the transformation of a group into a team
  • Crafting, Casting, and Carrying a Compelling Vision: Activities and principles to clarify where you are leading your team, how to reach the destination with them, and how to make leadership part of work culture.
  • Work-Life Balance and Boundaries: how to develop a rhythm of a life lived according to your values, and how to protect yourself with healthy boundaries
  • Mistakes Leaders Make and How to Avoid Them: How to avoid leadership missteps and practical strategies for improving leadership skills
  • Bring Your Meetings to Life: fresh strategies for before, during, and after meetings
  • A Leader as A Coach: How to become a coaching leader rather than an evaluative leader and have excellent one on one experiences with every direct reporting session
  • Questions to Pack in your Self-Leadership Briefcase: reflective questions to ask about how you are living, what are the barriers in your life, and how to form new habits
  • Multiple Self-Assessments for Jumpstarting your Life, Career, and Relationships
  • Courageous Decision-Making: step-by-step guidance for clarifying crucial decision making in work and life
  • Strengthening Your Core: strategic planning for the mission, vision, and values of a healthy organization

IMG_0737In the last two years, Paul Casey from Growing Forward Services presented at the July Business Development University (BDU) and the Tri-City Regional Chamber of Commerce. Both times Paul did an outstanding job of educating local members of our business community. Not only is he a knowledgeable and dynamic presenter, but he incorporates interactive elements and keeps the attention of his audience the entire duration. He has always been well-prepared, and our staff is confident that will present a fantastic BDU – we always know we can expect a great program. Paul is also a favorite presenter of our Regional Chamber members who attend the meetings. He receives positive reviews and people return again and again when they know he’s the presenter. I highly recommend Paul Casey for any endeavors which he is undertaking..  –Ashley Coronado, Government Contracting Assistance Specialist, Washington Procurement Technical Assistance Center (PTAC); Tri-City Regional Chamber of Commerce


Finally, the answer to unifying your staff!

If you are looking for on or off-site staff team-building experience, choose Paul. He will take the time to get to know you as the leader and the dynamics of your team, to cut to the heart of the communication skills and values that need reinforcement. The workshops are several hours of engaging activities, insightful assessments, practical equipping, and constructive dialogue. The workshops are customized and creative. There is even the option of art-based team-building.

Team-building will only stick if adhered to daily; because of that fact, Paul encourages integrating team-leader or core-team coaching into the strategic plan of an organization.

Paul made this day a success. He has a real passion for helping others, and this spirit came through during his presentations. Paul is approachable, likable, non-judgmental and able to connect instantly to a large group. I received more compliments from the team about Paul, then any other speaker I had organized in the past. I would recommend Paul to others looking for an opportunity to build their team or solve an issue with their team, large or small. –Deb Dihel, Ph.D. (ConAgra)



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