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5 Introvert Growth Steps

Speak up more often in meetings. Despite your proclivity to "take in" the information/conversation, take the leap and share your opinion on a topic. If this is too big a leap, start by affirming a teammate's idea by showing how you think it might be successful. Become...

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Fasting from….Excuses!

Have you heard of the spiritual ritual of fasting? It’s giving up something for a period of time, to focus on something more important to you. I’d like to convince you to fast from…excuses! Recognize the futility and powerlessness of excuse-making. I've heard it said...

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6 Essentials of Onboarding

When bringing on a new team member for your company or non-profit, the orientation process is crucial for starting them out as an "aligned contributor" in that very first month. And if YOU are the one new to a team, and there is no formal onboarding process, you can...

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4 Areas to Master Your Focus

Your focus is your key to success. That's because what you focus upon increases.  When I think about that word FOCUS (which is also one of my 5 strengths on the StrengthsFinder 2.0 assessment), I think about a laser-lock on one thing. Not getting distracted...

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