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Do You Tire of Putting Out Fires?

Leaders have the choice of continuing to react to circumstances as they pop up all day, "patching the dam" and feeling out of control of their schedules and influence. OR, leaders can choose to be proactive, getting ahead of as much as they can with intentionality and...

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5 Actions To Be More Self-Aware

There is a shortage of people in this world who are truly self-aware: people who actually notice the effect they are having on others and willing/able to modify their approach based on that feedback. Self-awareness is a huge part of emotional intelligence, a trait...

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Attack Your Stack (of Paperwork)

Use this strategy to get unburied from your too-tall paperwork pile. Make one large pile, out of all the random piles. Like raking leaves or sweeping your kitchen floor, get all the "debris" in one place to collect for movement elsewhere. Sort with a TRAF mentality....

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5 Introvert Growth Steps

Speak up more often in meetings. Despite your proclivity to "take in" the information/conversation, take the leap and share your opinion on a topic. If this is too big a leap, start by affirming a teammate's idea by showing how you think it might be successful. Become...

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