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What Fills Your Tank?

 I teach others how to avoid burnout, and one of those tips is to watch your  gauges so that you know when you are “on the verge” of burnout. Mine is  starting to run a little “hot” today. So, I need to practice what I preach, right? A  good...

2 Responses When Getting Offended

“We often rationalize away the real reason we choose not to confront: we are cowards….We would rather harbor resentment than risk rejection.“ Whoa! How about that quote for exposing us?!  So, we get offended by someone, and we have a choice to make....

Roundabout Communication

Here in Eastern WA state, the cities have gone roundabout-wild. It seems there is a new one somewhere in town every month, and their hopes are that it improves the flow of traffic. Some people still make terrible blunders that almost cause accidents because of not...

Static Cling

This book is about doing a self-evaluation to determine what you have allowed to adhere to your life and if it matches your values; what do you want to do about it; and in going forward, what do you intentionally want to stick more to your life.

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