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Paul D. Casey’s success strategy coaching for your business, marriage, parenting, or personal goals. THE most practical professional development and team-unifying retreats for you and your team.

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Which Type of Achiever Are You?

I realized that everyone is a type of achiever–some with positive consequences and others with negative consequences. Do a self-check and also think about those around you for who you want to become and not become:

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2 Choices for Your Focus Each Day

You can only focus on one thought at a time, right? That fact makes thought-control incredibly important because you get more of what you focus upon.

I love to hike, and while hiking, as in life, you can choose to focus on the vistas or the “blistas” (blisters).

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3 Reasons to Re-Stripe Your Life

I pulled into the parking lot and immediately recognized a facelift had taken place. Bright yellow lines jumped out at me from the blacktop, where faded ones had previously been. Re-striping upped the professionalism of the business by showing that it cared about their external appearance/message to the world and that it wanted to keep its patrons safe with clear markings.

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